Can I use for events or other forms of payment, registration, etc? is perfect for simple events and/or payments (eg. event registration, child care payments, school registration, paying dues, raising money for a mission trip, or anything else you can think of).

We accomplish this by allowing you to set parameters in the form URL. Here is an example of what you can do using the form URL parameters.

If you look at the form URL in your browser, you'll see a few things going on.

In the above URL example, non-bold text is your root URL. You can grab that url by going to your web giving page in the admin area. Everything in bold is optional and customizable.

These are the parameters you have available to you:

  • giving_to=
    This param sets the fund/designation of the transaction

  • amount=
    This param sets the amount of the transaction

  • action=
    This param sets the label on the submit button for the transaction
For example: 

  • giving_to=Church%20Event%202016
  • amount=150.00
  • action=Register
You can use any of the params individually or in combination with others. 
Here are a few more examples:
Note: If you have a space in between a fund/designation name or action name ... use "%20" (without quotes).