Tithe.ly Online Giving Integration: SquareSpace

The below instructions are intended to help you get Tithe.ly Online Giving setup on your SquareSpace website. To see a working example, go to this church website.

  1. Create your new/updated give page.

  2. Add Tithe.ly online giving button to your give page using the Tithe.ly Simple Giving Widget embed code. 
    • You can find the Tithe.ly Simple Giving Widget embed code by logging into your Tithe.ly account and going to the "Website Giving" tab. 
    • Look for the code block, highlight the code, copy it.

    • Head back over to your SquareSpace website online giving page and paste the code you copied from Tithe.ly using a SquareSpace CODE element.

    • Click apply on the CODE element.
    • Save your new giving page.  
  3. Once you've saved your online giving page, make sure to store it in the "NOT LINKED" pages area.

  4. Next, create a new LINK navigation type in the menu area that you'd like to have your giving page show up.

    • Give the LINK element a Link Title of "Give" or "Give Online" or "Donate".
    • Point the LINK to the online giving page you stored in your "NOT LINKED" pages area. 

      • You can get the URL to this page by hovering over the page in the pages area and clicking on the sprocket. 

      • Once you click on the sprocket you will see a window load on the right. 
      • Look for the URL SLUG. 

      • Copy the URL SLUG and add it to the end of your domain (eg. mychurchname.org/URLSLUG). It should look something like mychurchname.org/give.
    • Paste that full URL in the LINK box and click save.
  5. To wrap things up, go to your website in a new browser window or tab. Click on the give link from your main menu. Click on the GIVE button located on your give page. This should load the full Tithe.ly giving form over your website. If it doesn't, feel free to email us at support@tithe.ly and we'll help you out!

That's it! You're all set to take donations on your SquareSpace website.